Music has been an inseparable part of the LGBTQA community . Its a form through which some people find expression , some solace, some find passion and for some its a way of life . We have compiled a list of top 10 most queer friendly musicians /artists in the world

  1. RuPaul Charles

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Rupaul is a wonderful drag queen performer and an Emmy winner thanks to her hit television series RuPaul’s Drag Race. She began her music career in 1979 and became an immediate sensation and shows no signs of ever slowing down. She is one of the most relevant LGBT icons of our generation and is known for her many hits e.g. “Sissy That Walk”, “The Realness”, and “SuperModel”. All his music is relevant to the LGBT community while keeping a lighthearted tone and a pop vibe.   2.SIA

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Sia is an Australian singer-songwriter who is a die-hard supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. She has performed at many LGBT events and is a symbol for many Australian LGBTQ+ people who were only very recently given equal constitutional rights. She has written LGBTQ+ specific songs such as “The Greatest” which featured a tribute to the victims of the Orlando Nightclub shooting in the music video.     3. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is indisputably a gay icon. She is the creator and performer of one of the most notable queer anthems “Born This Way” that preaches acceptance and love. She is a proud bisexual woman and has used her fame, influence, and money to become one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ advocates in the United States. Her music is fun and catchy with all of the idiosyncrasies only Gaga include. She is revolutionary both in her art and in her activism. 4. Be Steadwell Be Steadwell is a lesbian, a capella pop singer from the USA. All her music is unapologetically queer and light-hearted in a genre she has dubbed “Queer Pop”.As well as being an extraordinarily talented singer-songwriter she is a filmmaker who wrote and directed “Vow of Silence”. Her lyrics are down-to-earth while still being artfully written and emotionally impactful. When I reached out to her about this article, I asked her why she felt it was important to have LGBTQ+ representation in music, she replied: Be stedwell “I believe it is important ​to have LGBTQ representation everywhere.  But music is especially crucial because it shapes us.  Music informs our emotions, our identities.  While other media like film allow us to connect to others stories, music facilitates a connection to our own.  It helps us understand our lives and ourselves.  I grew in a house full of music.  My family listened to music across decades and genres and I loved all of it.  When I was thirteen, I heard a song called “she says” by Ani Difranco.  For the first time in my life, I heard a song about a woman in love with another woman.  And it was one of the most moving, exciting moments I’ve had with music.  The song understood something about me.  Something I’d known my whole life but never had the chance to view as human, as beautiful.  The song made me feel seen.  I believe everyone deserves to feel this way about a song, or an artist.” 5. Pink Pink is one of the most commercially successful artists on this list; she has be named the Woman of The Year (2013) and placed 10th in the 100 Most Successful Women in music.


The singer feels no need to define her sexuality and she is a massive advocate for the Queer Community. You can find her music on the top charts most days of the week and she uses that celebrity to spread awareness and positivity about the LGBTQ+ community and its people. 6. Adore Delano Adore Delano is a drag queen who starred in both American Idol and RuPaul’s Drag Race. She prides herself on her laid back aesthetic and is one of the few drag musicians to create music within the Punk Rock genre.
Adore Delano


Some of her most notable songs include “Negative Nancy”, “Hello, I Love You”, and “I Adore U”.               7 . Frank Ocean Frank Ocean is an American singer-songwriter and a rapper.His song “Blonde” is full of explicit queer themes and lyrics, it is an incredibly bold song. Other songs of his “Chanel” and “We All Try” also have explicitly queer themes.


    He is an independent artist who creates unique and at times experimental music.       8.Laura Jane Grace Laura Jane Grace is the lead singer, guitarist, and founder of the American Punk Rock band “against me”.She is an openly transgender woman and publically came out in 2012. She defies gender stereotypes as a woman and breaks barriers as a transgender woman. She is a truly incredible artist and musician. 9. Sam Smith Sam Smith is a well known British singer-songwriter. He has won numerous awards and wrote and performed the theme for the James Bond film “Spectre”. He is an openly gay man and is often called “The biggest gay pop star in the world”. He has done a lot for the LGBTQ+ community including giving an inspiring speech at the Oscars where he dedicated his award to the entire community.       10.Macklemore Macklemore is an incredibly popular rapper who is heavily political. His song “Same Love” (which featured the lesbian musician Mary Lambert) is a song that explicitly advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and is sympathetic to the community’s struggle. During a time of high political tension over marriage equality in Australia he performed “Same Love” at the NRL grand final as rainbow fireworks exploded behind him, he pledged the earnings from this performance to the Australian campaign in favour of marriage equality.