“Oh! Take a gander at the Hijra!! Aae… you anomaly of nature.” Hundreds of dirty looks and thousand of abuses were hurled at them for centuries. In any case, they survived only for something, i.e ‘respect. ‘After battling for equality, the transgender group was recognized by the Supreme Court as ‘third gender’in 2014.

India’s Hijra community has been a part of the society ever since civilization existed. Their mention can be found in ancient literature such as Mahabharata, Kamasutra. It is said that they were given supreme roles and were the highest authorities in a king’s court.

Things changed after the Britishers vanquished India in the mid-nineteenth century. Colonization brought Section 377 that criminalized their existence. They were outcasted from the mainstream society.  With no means of employment, begging and sex work were the only options to survive. As years passed by, the society continued to look at them as a freak of nature.

In the wake of battling since ages for one ‘desirable life,’ the NALSA judgment brought a historic change. The judgment confirmed that the fundamental rights granted under the Constitution of India will be equally applicable to transgender individuals, and gave them the privilege to self-distinguishing proof of their sex as male, female or third-sex.

Short movies and documentaries have constantly assumed an essential part of the support and bringing change. One such is ‘The Transition’. Directed by Anwesha Brahma, the narrative exhibits lives of the Hijra community of the eastern state of Odisha. It sets up the opposite side of the lives of the transgender where they lead an existence with indistinguishable expectations and desires from some other person. Here is the trailer.

Anwesha’s group has made a stride ahead in helping the transgender group to gain visibility and change the outlook of the Indian society. Eminent personalities like Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and Mira Parida will be a part of the programme, going ahead.Here are the details

Venue- Sathya Sai International Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Date- Monday 26th March 2018

Time- 7 PM

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