Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride 2018 | Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity

A sprinkle of hues in the city, wearing their best and all grins! This is the means by which Mumbai’s LGBTQIA Pride Parade resembles. It’s January 2018 and the pride month has commenced going full speed ahead. From panel discussions to queer theatre, Mr. Gay World finale to flashmob and free hugs, the schedule is full of around two dozen unique occasions/events, culminating in the Pride on 3rd February 2018.

It’s 2017 and the Indian judiciary still considers the LGBTQIA people group as a ‘minuscule minority’. Does that have any effect on their lives?  Queer Azaadi Mumbai is a collective of LGBTQIA groups/individuals in the city that organizes Pride March each year.

Mumbai Pride 2017 3

Queer pride march 2017, Picture Courtesy Qgraphy

Inclusivity is one of the significant focuses that the community has taken into consideration over the last two years #AccessPositive is the thing that they unequivocally have confidence in. For the second year in succession, QAM and its event organizers have ensured that the pre-pride events and the pride are open to the differently-abled persons. The group incorporates sign language interpreters to help them at events and mobile taxis to ferry them. The mainstream society might not be very accepting but rather the group comprehends their torment and is growing sensitive towards their issues.


What’s all the more intriguing is the theme this year. Inspired by the 75-year-old Quit India movement and to bring issues to light against the colonial law, 377 Quit India is the current year’s subject. Adding further to the movement, the Pride begins from the August Kranti Maidan where Mahatma Gandhi had propelled the Quit India Movement in 1942.

Despite the fact that section 377 has influenced the group to some extent, it has become bigger and has grown stronger throughout the years. Mark your calendars for February 3. It is the day to walk with ‘pride’. NO FEAR! See you there!

Images from Queer pride march 2017, Picture Courtesy Qgraphy .

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