LGBT friendly skin and hair clinic opens in Pune

In India LGBT has been a marginalized community and has various kinds of the stigma associated with it. The community has its own needs when it comes to  Healthcare its skin care, hair care, cosmetology or sex-related problems.

It’s been observed that people from the community tend to hesitate while discussing these issues as they have fear of being misunderstood or being judged by the doctors. Recently the Indian Psychiatric Association has issued a circular which stated that being gay is not a psychological disease.

One doctor identified this need and has taken the initiative to make lives of LGBT people better by providing his services sans the judgement.

We are fortunate to break this news to the world. Dr. Mohan Darbastwar has started this wonderful initiative for the LGBT community in Pune called LGBT skin hair Laser andSex clinic.

We asked him about the clinic as it made us curious. Read the excerpt below –

What makes me think special clinic for LGBTQ ?

While studying masters in Mumbai in 2004 to 2007 , We had been posted to STD ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases) clinics specially for Transgenders  organized by NGOs .

After completing education when I started a private practice as a skin specialist, I came across many LGBTQ patients coming with various skin diseases and for cosmetic treatment like Laser Hair Removal .

But they have little hesitation to express their concerns. They also feel little marginalized by other patients and sometimes by supporting staff also.

LGBTQ patients are at high risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections , but due to hesitation and stigma,they avoid visiting a doctor for treatment. Early treatment can help them toavoid life threatening infections.

In our country there are very few clinics dedicated to LGBT care. That also run by NGOs on specific days.

LGBTQ patients also suffers from their body image , Most of the times they are in stress regarding their sexuality. Inability to express their concern to their family members. These factors make them vulnerable for addictions.

For their cosmetic procedures, they depend on Parlors. Chances of infections of skin increases at these places. They need a specialized skin doctor for such treatments which inspired me to start a clinic keeping the LGBT community in mind

How many LGBT patients have you treated till now?

During my routine practice I have seen more than 100 LGBT patients came for Laser Hair reduction, Sexual problems, and fungal infections etc. which I had treated successfully said Dr Mohan

What are your future plans? Any expansion plans as of now?

By 2020 we are planning to expand LGBTQ clinics in Mumbai and Bangalore.

This move is welcomed the community as it solves a really big problem for the community andalso brings the community at the center of all decisions. By making theservices more and more LGBT friendly we can ensure the society also startsseeing them in a positive light.

We congratulate Dr. Mohan Darbastwar for this amazing initiative and hope our readers would be able to check them out sometime on their website www.lgbtskinclinic.com . Feel free to write to him on his email id or you can also WhatsApp them on +917448060007 .

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