Color Positive, (Color Positive (+), CP+) is a production house based out of Mumbai that deals with the taboo around LGBTQIA community in India and worldwide. They are a motley bunch of independent professionals from different streams who share this belief and are dedicated to keeping narrating more stories and conversations around it.

You must be thinking why are we writing about them?

Color Positive primarily does theatrical productions and they have a YouTube Channel too. Their first play was staged for Queer Azaadi March in 2017 also named Color Positive, as a unique dark comedy based on homosexual relationships and HIV/AIDS.

The cast of this production are performers from theatre and other walks of life who have had many experiences in the past and have delivered successful shows.

About their latest play

Color Positive is pleased to present to you “Jeena” a refreshing take on marriage at the Gay Bombay Talent Show 2017 on 8th of Oct, 2017. The play’s storyline revolves around the parents in Indian families who force their children to marry without caring about or in usual cases, not knowing about their child’s sexual orientation. It’s the right mix of various catalysts in their play that help make the ending worth a stomach ache while you laugh… but it has its own twists and plots. So in order to know more about the play… you need to see it at the GB Talent Show 2017 (details coming soon on our website).

This is how their journey began-


Color Positive needs your support 

They have been working really hard to stage this play on time and with optimum utilization of the available resources.But they are looking for support and are running a crowdfunding campaign. We request all our readers to help support the cause in whatever way possible.

How to contribute?

Color Positihasave reached out to Ketto to help with crowdfunding. Their fundraising page link is here.

Where can you see their work?

Take a look at their Facebook page here, and their awesome collection of Youtube videos can be seen here

You can also follow them on Instagram and on Twitter too.

We request everyone reading this article to make this happen for color positive and help them reach their crowdfunding goals