Gay Bombay’s signature event “Makar Sankranti Rainbow Kites Flying Event” returns this month, on Sunday, January 13th evening, from 4 to 8 pm at Silver Beach, Juhu ( the area between Tulip Star and Novotel ).

The GB kite flying event in its 15th year is a vibrant open-air public queer event where members and allies set rainbow kites soaring in the sky, along with their spirit! and this year it is particularly significant as we are emerging from the shadows of 377 ( having successfully challenged and removed it the past year)

GB will arrange kites and all the paraphernalia and will set up their signature blue tent on the beach and will serve delicious refreshment as well after the kite flying; typically they have a few expert kite flyers who will launch the kites and others can then hold on to them ( in case you dont know how to fly one)!

Venue – Juhu Beach ( the area between Tulip Star and Novotel ).

Date and Time – Sunday 13th Jan 2019

It is a free event as with most GB events and people of all genders and age groups are most welcome to participate!