27 Events you must attend this year at Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride 2019

Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride 2019 organized by QAM Mumbai has kickstarted from the last week of December . Mumbai Pride March is one of the biggest gay pride march in India . Also this will be the first ever Mumbai Pride March after the landmark judgement by Supreme Court that decriminalized homosexuality.

This year the theme of the Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride 2019  is #PrideforAll.It’s been a while since the queer community in India could celebrate its queerness and not be considered criminal. This year on, that changes.

While the QAM MUMBAI PRIDE shall celebrate #PrideForAll this year, the emphasis will be on not just the LGBTQIA+ community in itself, but also the many facets of intersectionality that affect the very fabric of our society. The apex courts of the country may have decriminalized homosexuality, but we have a long way to go in becoming a less judgmental, more accepting, society!

At the upcoming Pride March, we welcome the LGBTQIA+ community and its support systems and allies to explore, educate, reclaim, empower and celebrate everybody who faces discrimination based on an actual or perceived membership to a certain group or social category.

This discrimination could be on the basis of racism, indigeneity, sexism, cissexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism including psychiatric labels, audism, class inequity, and religious intolerance. The intersections between these many social identities we all carry must shine through and be understood by each other to make this Pride as inclusive as we can possibly make it. You can support Queer Azaadi Pride March 2019 by contributing a small amount here.

There are various events which are planned this year and we will keep updating this post as we come closer to the events. So without any further ado here we go.

This year the events are quite diverse and interesting . Take a look

  1. Letzz Get Mental.
  2. Identities of our Collectives.
  3. Pictures Against Prejudice
  4. Queer Hugs by TheQknit
  5. Queer Premier League by Umang
  6. Anubhav Youth Festival by TheQknit
  7. Ek Madhav Baug by The Humsafar Trust
  8. Speed Dating by the Delta App
  9. The Color Positive Show 2019
  10. QGames by Yaariyan
  11. Best of Kashish by Kashish Arts Foundation
  12. Queeristan by Godrej India Culture Lab
  13. Queeroes and Pub Night by 6 Degrees
  14. Khel Khel Mein by Rainbow Tigers
  15. Queer and Political
  16. Flashmob by Yaariyan
  17. Kashish Chalchitra Utsav by Kashish Arts Foundation
  18. Queeristan by Godrej India Culture Lab
  19. My Pride Outfit by TheQknit
  20. Gulabi Mela by Yaariyan
  21. Aazaadiyan – Rainbow Voices Mumbai Concert
  22. Colab 1.0 by 6 Degrees
  23. Dance Event by Impulse
  24. Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride March 2019 -The March Begins
  25. Post-Pride Party by Gaysi
  26. Post-Pride Party by Umang and Yaariyan
  27. Post-Pride Party by Salvation Star.

The QAM team recently took to Instagram to share the calendar for the Mumbai Pride 2019.

1) Letzz Get Mental

Letzz get MENTAL is an initiative to raise awareness & normalise speaking about mental health issues; on online & offline platforms. Letzz spread the buzz. They have organized a Panel discussion and QnA on Mental health awareness.

Venue – Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai.

Date & Time – Friday 4th Jan 2019 , 4PM to 5PM.

Entry – Free.

2) Identities of our Collectives

Panel Discussion on Identities of our Collectives in the light of Intersectionality, in the light of the recent Supreme Court Verdict and the way forward.

Venue – Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai.

Date & Time – Friday 4th Jan 2019 , 4PM to 5PM.

Entry – Free.

3) Pictures Against Prejudice

Pictures against Prejudice is a signature event of Mumbai Pride as it tries to depict the prejudice with Art. This year the theme for Pictures Against Prejudice 2019 is – PRIDE FOR ALL – wishes to explore and represent the intersections of class and caste, sexuality and gender, race, region and religion, disability, in an effort to understand what Pride means to diverse voices.

Venue – SIES College of Arts, Science, and Commerce.

Date and Time – Saturday 5th Jan 2019 ,3PM to 5:30 PM.

Entry – Free.

4) Queer Hugs by TheQknit

Queer Hugs is a small attempt to show that LGBTQI persons are not different than others, that the community ought to be recognised, accepted, and be given the exact set of rights like any other citizen of the country. Its Organized by TheQknit in association with Gaurav Cbo, Rainbow Tigers and Gaysi Family as Community partners.

Venue – S Pranavanandaji Marg ,Sector 30, Vashi , New Mumbai.

Date and Time- Sat 5th Jan 2019 ,4PM to 8PM.

Entry – Free (Who doesn’t like free hugs).

5) Queer Premier League QPL by Umang

Who doesn’t like cricket . That’s what we say in India . And rightfully so its one of the most entertaining yet interesting games . Every year Umang – which is an initiative by the Humsafar Trust organizes Queer Premier League where the teams battle it out to win the title.

Bring your best batting foot, your best bowling hand and an incredible team spirit! If playing is not your thing, join them in cheering for our incredible players or just be there to support Mumbai Pride Month!

Venue – The Arena Chakala Andheri East Mumbai.

Date and Time – Sun 06th Jan 2019 , 8AM to 6PM.

Entry – Whistles and lots of cheering required as an entry fee.

6) Anubhav Youth Festival by TheQknit

Anubhav – A Youth Festival is a space that explores the power of art to inspire, respect, and recognise people across gender and sexual norms. Their aim is to encourage creative minds and incite creative collaboration and experimentation to celebrate.

TheQknit isback with Anubhav as a part of Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride 2019 events and this time it is going to be more informative and full of amazing competitions.

This time it will have the following competitions:

1. Poster Making 
2. Ad Making
3. Story Telling
4. Poetry writing and recitation
5. Photography 
6. Talent Show
7. Treasure Hunt
8. Just A Minute

Venue – Community Hall Juhu Koliwada.

Date and Time –  Sat 12th Jan 2019 ,10 AM to 10 PM.

Entry – Free and open to all.

7) Ek Madhav Baug by The Humsafar Trust

Ek Madhav Baug the poignant play written by noted playwright, the late Chetan Datar, tells the story of a 21-year-old youth coming to terms with his sexuality. The play is seen from the point of view of his mother. The Mother discovers that her son is Gay and through his diary, relives his journey. It is produced by The Humsafar Trust, one of the oldest LGBTQ organizations in India, and performed by actor Mona Ambegaonkar.

Venue – Rang Sharda Auditorium Bandra West.

Date and Time –  Saturday 12th Jan 2019 6PM to 9PM.

Entry – Free for All.

8) Speed Dating by Delta App

Although recent times are of the internet and the world is becoming smaller by the day there is nothing like meeting someone in person and sharing a part of our lives with them. Who knows when the cupid will strike. That’s the reason this year Mumbai Pride 2019 also has a Speed Dating Event Organized by The Delta App- India’s first LGBTQ Networking and Dating App.

Venue – Juhu Beach.

Date and Time – Sunday 13th Jan 2019 ,10AM to 6PM.

Entry – Free for All.

9) The Color Positive Show 2019

Color Positive has been doing quite a few shows since the past few years and their attempt is to uncover various issues. They have amazing plays in the past like Jeena and had also presented an amazing annual show Color Postive Show 2018 last year. This year their annual show The Color Positive Show 2019 is scheduled for Sunday Jan 13th 2019

The show is sated to have a Pageant that crowns Six models, Dance, Singing, Poetry, Stand-up, Arts and more. Towards the end they will present another play by their team called “Sex Objects

Venue – The Majestic Ballroom , The Lalit , Sahar Road Mumbai.

Date and Time – Sunday Jan 13th 2019 5PM to 11PM.

Entry – Rs 300/- You can register here for an additional discount.

10) QGames by Yaariyan

Yaariyan is the Youth wing of Humsafar Trust . A vibrant group and keeps organizing various events throughout the year. One of the signature events by Yaariyan is a fun-filled event called QGames. Its a place where you battle it out either as an individual performer or as a group in games like sack race and the classic Lemon and Spoon. Who doesn’t like it once in a while ?

Venue – Juhu Beach.

Date and Time –  Sunday 13th Jan , 4 PM onwards.

Entry – Free.

11) Best of Kashish by Kashish Arts Foundation

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival and Sophia College for Women, Mumbai is organizing ‘Best of KASHISH’ film screening event on January 16, 2019, from 12.30pm – 5.00pm at Sophia Bhabha Auditorium.

The event is being held as part of QAM Mumbai Pride Month activities and is a FREE EVENT open to all. ‘Best of KASHISH’ film screening event will bring together awards winning films from #KASHISH2018 and also have interactive sessions with filmmakers and LGBTQ community leaders.

12) Queeristan – Caste, and Queerness by Godrej India Culture Lab

Queer identities are shaped by caste. Queeristan – Caste, and Queerness asks you to broaden your imagination of pride, and talk about what it means to be Dalit and queer in India.

Part one of our Queeristan event will feature a panel discussion with academic and poet Dhiren Borisa, trans rights activist Grace Banu, advocate and anti-caste activist Kiruba Munusamy. The conversation will be moderated by writer-director and student activist Aroh Akunth.

Rapper Sumeet Samos will close the evening with his powerful verses on Dalit oppression and caste discrimination. We will also have incredible art – Recollecting Pieces by Maari Zwick-Maitreyi, Home by Steevez Rodriguez, JUGAAD / Of Love and Intimacy by Marc Ohrem-Leclef and Love in the Times of Instagram: Find Love by Dan and Jo on display at the event.

Venue – Godrej One Vikhroli.

Date and Time – Friday 18th Jan 2019 , 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Entry – Free and open to all.

13) Queeroes and Pub Night by 6 Degrees

6 Degrees is a growth network for Indian lgbtq++ individuals to meet; connect; recruit; share skills; leads; referrals and empower each other.

Every year their team recognizes and applauds people working towards Equality with an award ceremony during Mumbai pride month.

And there is Super music, fashion and a few stand up comedy gigs too !!

Venue – The Lalit Mumbai.

Date and Time – Friday 18th Jan 2019 , 7Pm to 1:30 AM.

Entry – Entry charges and entertainment details coming up soon.

14) Khel Khel Mein By Rainbow Tigers

Khel Khel Mein is a sports event organized by Rainbow Tigers as a part of the Mumbai Pride 2019. Rainbow Tigers is a youth initiative of GAURAV CBO. It’s a non-registered network of youth LGBT Community members formed in October 2015. Group consists of youth coming from alternative / non – confirming / different gender identity and sexual orientation.

The event will have sports like 100 meters race,400 meters relay, Long Jump, Hurdle Race, Slow Cycling, Kho-Kho etc.

Venue – Sahu Nagar Maidan Mahim East.

Date and Time – Sat 19th Jan 2019 , 9AM to 3PM.

Entry – Free and open.

15) Queer and Political

Queer & Political gears up for the Mumbai Pride 2019 with an eye on the General Assembly Parliament elections of 2019. As Queer citizens of India, what is our political belief system?

Where do we go post section 377 reading down? What rights do we prioritize, where do we go from here? What affects us most. Take the Queer & Political Survey and find out the details in the dissemination.

Venue – Drop in Centre , Humsafar Trust , Vakola Mumbai.

Date and Time – Saturday , 19th Jan 2019 , 5:00PM to 8:00 PM.

Entry – Free.

16) Flashmob by Yaariyan

Technically this is a surprise event and it shouldn’t be on our list . Every year yaariyan as a part of the Mumbai pride organizes a flashmob at prominent places in the city . It creates awareness about the LGBT community at large.

Yaariyan annually organizes an LGBTQ-themed Flash Mob during Mumbai Pride. Young LGBTQ individuals and allies surprise mainstream audiences with a queer-themed performance to a selection of popular Bollywood songs at a popular mainstream location.

The event gains a lot of attention and the sloganeering at the end of the Flash Mob aims to educate bystanders on LGBTQ issues. Flashmob Videos are then uploaded on YouTube and widely disseminated on other social media with view of at least 15,000 per video.

Really excited to know where this is happening in Mumbai this year . Although a little birdie gave us a sneak peek , take a look.

17) Kashish Chalchitra Utsav by Kashish Arts Foundation

Second annual Kashish Chalchitra Utsav – The regional language LGBTQ Film Festival will be held on Sunday 20th Jan . The event is conceptualized and presented by Kashish Arts Foundation as a part of the Mumbai Pride 2019.

The day-long event will screen Indian LGBTQ films in regional language, from the archives of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, South Asia’s biggest LGBTQ film festival.

Community Partner for the event is Sweekar – The Rainbow Parents, a support group for parents of LGBTQ children.

Venue – The Bombay Arts Society , Bandra Reclamation Bandra East Mumbai.

Date and Time – Sunday Jan 20th 2019 ,11Am to 8PM.

Entry – Free.

18) Queeristan- So Many Queer Indias by Godrej India Culture Lab

There are numerous collectives and individuals that are working for LGBTQ rights in smaller cities and non-urban India; however they are ignored by dominant media narratives. We believe that the future of the LGBTQ movement is contingent upon these voices being amplified and mainstreamed.

The event will witness a keynote by Mr Anand Grover of Lawyers’ Collective, who argued on behalf of Naz Foundation, the original petitioners in the legal challenge to Section 377. Screenings by Public Service Broadcasting Trust that documents Queer narratives in Non-Metros.

It will culminate in a panel discussion by stalwarts who have spearheaded the LGBTQ rights movement from across India.

Venue – Godrej India Culture Lab , Godrej One , Vikhroli East Mumbai.

Date and Time – Saturday 26th Jan 2019 , 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Entry – Free.

19) My Pride Outfit by The Qknit

My Pride Outfit is an exciting event around the outfits for pride organized by The Qknit. It’s a competition where participants will be asked to design a unique outfit which will describe this year’s Mumbai Pride 2019 theme #Prideforall

Venue – Community Hall Juhu Koliwada.

Date and Time – Saturday 26th Jan 2019 , 2PM to 6PM.

Entry – Free.

20) Gulabi Mela by Yaariyan

Yaariyan the youth wing of Humsafar Trust has been organizing Gulabi Mela for the past few years . Gulabi Mela is a LGBT-youth led initiative which aims toward creating a space for community members to interact, showcase their talents, participate in dance workshops as well as motivate young entrepreneurs to set up stalls. The stalls market a variety of products ranging from food to costume jewellery to tarot.

The evening typically has a range of performances such as street plays, book readings, dance performances and fun workshops. The event ends with a sundown and an open dance floor with a DJ. We still remember the Jam packed room while the Harry Potter Quiz was on at Gulabi Mela 2018.

Venue – Mahalaxmi Race Course Mumbai.

Date and Time – Sunday 27th Jan 2019 , 11AM to 10PM.

Entry – Rs. 250 before 4 pm, Rs. 350 after 4 pm.

21) Aazaadiyan Rainbow Voices Mumbai Concert

Rainbow Voices Mumbai– India’s first LGBT choir, sing songs of freedom, hope and struggle. The choir has members from North to the south, and east to west of India and have represented India at London Pride 2017 performing along with the Europe’s longest running LGBT choir- Pink Singers.

The believe as faith can move mountains, music can move hearts..becoming the voice of oppressed and sexual minorities in India they represent the true spirit of Diversity and inclusivity with love and acceptance.

The plural in Aazaadiyan, many freedoms, is the driving force behind the ethos of inclusivity and plurality we advocate. Celebrating the repeal of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, this concert aims to recognise the importance of this historic judgement for the queer community and to extend the goodwill behind it to other marginalized people.

The concert is scheduled at G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture.

Date and Time – Sun 27th Jan 2019 , 7PM to 10PM.

Entry – Yet to be announced.

22) Colab 1.0 by 6 Degrees

6 Degrees is a collaborative space for Indian LGBTQ community . 6 Degrees is a growth network for Indian lgbtq++ individuals to meet, connect, recruit, share skills, leads, referrals and empower each other.

They are coming up with a collaboration event with the pride.

Venue – WeWork, Raheja Platinum , Marol Andheri East.

Date and Time – Friday 01 Jan 2019 , 4Pm to 9PM.

Entry – Yet to be announced.

23) Zingaat by Impulse

Impulse Group is a forum for sexual minorities in India that strives to socially mainstream them. It creates awareness on sexual health while increasing the access to HIV testing and practice of safe sex behavior.

Its prevalent in more than 22 countries in India and have a Delhi chapter at the moment . As a part of the Mumbai pride 2019 , Impulse is organizing a Dance event in Mumbai .

Venue – Neos , Phoenix Marketcity Kurla.

Date and Time – Friday 1st Feb 2019 , 6PM to 10PM.

Entry – Yet to be announced.

24) Mumbai Pride 2019 – The March

Mumbai Pride 2019 is expected to be the most visited pride march especially in the wake of the recent decision by Supreme court.

The walk will start from August Kranti Maidan on Saturday 02 Feb 2019 at 3 PM. The walk route remains the same this year too . We have ensured utmost safety and compliance to laws and permissions this year too as usual.

Look forward to seeing you at pride in huge numbers . Even if you aren’t from the community you can walk with us as an ally .

25) Post Pride Party by Gaysi

Gaysi Family Presents 2*2 Bar Nights right after the Pride. The one where we let the world know how we can fight hard and party harder.

To ensure a safe space for all LBT and Non-Binary persons Gaysi intends to create an ambience that welcomes them and making sure that the gender ratio is fair and geared towards maintaining this safety.

All Cis-Men who would like to attend this party come accompanied by their LBT and Non-Binary friends. This will enable everyone to have fun without any worries.

If you are a Cis-Man who does not know or have any LBT and Non-Binary friends to accompany you, please write to them at gaysifamily@gmail.com explaining your situation and they will get back to you.

Venue – Verbena Brewpub , Trade View Building , Kamla Mills Lower Parel Mumbai.

Date and Time – Saturday 02 Feb, 7PM to 1:30 AM.

Entry – Rs 400/- Available online here.

26) Post- Pride Party by Umang &Yaariyan

Yaariyaan is all set for a rocking evening with a fantastic post pride party at one of the most happening venues in Mumbai.

Pride month is the largest opportunity to connect with communities. Parties and social gatherings are the best way to ensure that large amounts of people are reached. This year Yaariyan and Umang (HST’s LBT initiative) will organize a post pride party, a get together for LGBTQ persons after the Pride March at Todi Mill Social.

Venue – Todi Mill Social , Lower Parel Mumbai.

Date and Time – Saturday 02 Feb, 8PM to 1:30 AM.

Entry – Suggested Donation of Rs 200 to Rs. 300.

27) Post-Pride Party by Salvation Star

Salvation Star organizes parties at few of the best venues in Mumbai . This year they are organizing one of the official Post Pride Parties as a part of the celebrations of Mumbai Pride 2019 .

The details of the party will be available soon.

Venue – Main Room , Kitty Su , Andheri East ,Mumbai.

Date and Time – Saturday 02 Feb, 9PM to 3:00 AM.

Entry – Yet to be announced.

Utmost care has been taken by our team to ensure none of the events are missed and all the related groups/entities are mentioned. In case of any discrepancies please write to us on pride@lgbteventsindia.com

Also at the time of writing the article some of the details were not yet announced. Keep watching this space and we shall update it as soon as the details are available.

Wishing you all Happy Pride 2019 !!!

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