Ek Madhav Baug | 1st July | Allahabad |

Ek Madhav Baug | 1st July | Allahabad |

There are a very few things which are closer to one’s heart than the love of our Mothers. It’s always pure, divine, selfless, full of life yet always feels less.

In the modern day world, everything around us has changed, what remains unchanged is the love of a Mother.

All mothers love their kids equally, but those who realize their children are special love them even more. Vaijanti was one of them.

A lady sitting in front of aLaptopEk Madhav Baug is a play within a play, a unique theatrical device where a mother narrates how she came to terms with his son’s sexuality, and also comes out of her character at intervals to speak to the writer.

The role is played by one of the most talented actors Mona Ambegaokar and was written by late dramatist Chetan Datar

RAQS AND Aaghaaz Foundation are pleased to invite you for Hindi play reading of “Ek Madhav Baug” written by late Chetan Datar and produced by Alternate Initiatives, an affiliate of the Humsafar Trust, Mumbai.

“Ek Madhav Baug” is one of the pioneering plays written on homosexuality and acceptance of the LGBTQHIA+ community.

The play is seen from the point of view of a mother who discovers that her son is gay and through his diary, relives his journey of discovery of his own sexuality.

The reading will be followed by an interactive session with the actress, Mona Ambegaonkar, and delegates from the Humsafar Trust.

Date-1st July 2018
Venue- Govind Ballabh Pant Social Science Institute Jhusi, Allahabad – 211019 Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
Time- 06:00 pm
Entry- First come first serve basis
For more details contact:
Dharmesh: 9682769672 ,Chittajit: 7376238101,Toshi: 9519371008,Pratik : 8840570878
BODH – Queer workshop in Allahabad by RAQS | 5th-7th Jan 2018

BODH – Queer workshop in Allahabad by RAQS | 5th-7th Jan 2018

Resistive Alliance for Queer Solidarity (RAQS) – a queer-straight alliance that helps people understand queerness in Hindi. As simple as it sounds it’s very difficult if you start to look at it from various angles.It’s usually cities like Mumbai Delhi Banglore which get mentioned for their queer culture / the kind support they garner from the allies.What’s particularly important that smaller cities are coming forward and that’s how the community can shun the title of “minuscule minority”

Resistive Alliance for Queer Solidarity (RAQS) was founded by Dharmesh chaubey in Allahabad. He’s currently a student at Allahabad  University and believes that Pride, as the word suggests, instills pride in you and that’s how you should live with pride always!

Resistive Alliance for Queer Solidarity (RAQS) is organizing a 3-day residential* workshop to have a free interaction regarding several pressing issues affecting the community. Kindly do pay the compulsory registration fees of Rs 500 only, confirmation & further info will be shared via email & donate if possible. (Not more than Rs 5,000 per person)

Food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) & refreshments will be provided. For any further queries, you can email them at chaubeydharmesh0@gmail.com or chittajitm@rediff.com