Delhi International Queer Film Festival 2018: TARANG 2018

Delhi International Queer Film Festival 2018: TARANG 2018

Can’t keep calm because Delhi’s most awaited Queer Film festival has been announced. Hosted in conjunction of World AIDS Day, the 2-day festival will be hosted by Harmless Hugs, a 6-year-old Queer collective on December 1 and 2 at Pearey Lal Bhawan. Agaaz-e-Tarang, a curtain raiser to the festival is scheduled on November 17 at Instituto Cervantes Neuva Delhi at 5 PM. The evening will witness some amazing performances by queer artists and discussions on queer culture and life striking down of the barbaric section 377. This event is free and open to all. Date- 17th November 2018 (Today) Time- 5 PM onwards Venue:- The Instituto Cervantes 48, Hanuman Rd, Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 Contact -011 4368 1900 Aiming at creating awareness on sexual health, precautions, and sensitization in the mainstream, TARANG 2018 will showcase an array of movies from across the globe with a message of love, joy, and equality. You can register for the festival here: bit.ly/Tarang2018 PS: Lend them a helping hand by a little contribution here 
Pride Circle Delhi Chapter Launch

Pride Circle Delhi Chapter Launch

Pride Circle is an initiative to build a community of passionate individuals working in the space of LGBT+ inclusion primarily at the workplace. Together is better for individuals & for organizations; for everyone need friends. Good news is Pride Circle is launching its Delhi chapter starting 1st September 2018.

Pride Circle aims to bring diverse stakeholders under one roof & have a conversation about the challenges and opportunities, listen & learn from multiple perspectives, ideate & execute, and to make a collective change! 

Venue – The Lalit, New Delhi

Date – Sept 1, 2018

Time- 6.00pm onwards

Entry- INR 250 per head

You can register for the event here 

Started a year ago, the Pride Circle meetups are held in various cities across India & now growing globally. These meetups provide informal setup & a safe space for expression, to celebrate our humanness, to embrace our vulnerability, and to collectively think and be the change maker of tomorrow.

What to expect?

The evening will witness speakers like Danish Sheikh, Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Centre for Health Law, Ethics, and Technology at Jindal Global Law School taking us through the journey of #Section377.

Keshav Suri, Executive Director, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group and Neha Nagpal, Supreme court lawyer will share about his petition in The Supreme Court and why it is important for individuals to ask for their rights. Also, the various steps taken by The Lalit Group for an inclusive experience by ALL their clientele. This panel would be moderated by Sarika Gupta Bhattacharyya, CEO BD Foundation.

Dipali Mehta, Marketing Manager Delta App will take us through her journey of Coming out & navigating the world as a bisexual woman.

Sisak -India’s First LGBTQ movie to be screened

S I s a k India’s First Silent LGBTQ love story to be screened at the event too. Sisak won 44 International Awards worldwide. We will also interact with Director Faraz Arif Ansari and the actor Dhruv Singhal about their experience filming the movie. Here is a sneak peek at the trailer.

Hope to see you all at the event. Drop us a line in the comment section to share your feedback about the event.

Friends of Linger – New Delhi

Friends of Linger – New Delhi

Friends of Linger is a mixed genre, ‘many faces’ band that is at times referred to as a band with a purpose. The band is credited with the first ever English dedication to the LGBTQ community back in 2013 which now has a fresh video. Earlier this year, its new song, Dignity, was adopted by the global movement for women – She Decides.

Ranging from rock to funk to jazz, the band has an interesting mix of its own, not hesitating to cover the likes of Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stone, The Police, Lady Gaga or even Justin Timberlake. The band, since it took shape, has attempted to send out socially relevant messages through harmonic tunes.

Friends of Linger has featured in media spaces such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, New Indian Express, www.gaystarnews.com, www.scoopwhoop.com, DNA, www.thewire.in, Rolling Stone as well as Radio One.

The band has a concert scheduled this weekend at Hard Rock Cafe, Saket, Delhi at 8:30 PM. Tickets available at the door on BookmyShow


Hope you have a fun time at the event. Don’t forget to send us your feedback in the comment section below.


Still About Sec 377 – Screening by Harmless Hugs – New Delhi

Still About Sec 377 – Screening by Harmless Hugs – New Delhi

Harmless Hugs is a Delhi based support group which started as an initiative to support and empower feminist groups and members of the LGBTQA community. They are organizing a special screening of Still About Sec 377 this Saturday 11th Aug in Delhi.

Harmless Hugs is a dynamic platform bringing together liberal souls all around the world and help one another in the process of finding and embracing their true self.

Harmless Hugs LogoFounded on 10-September-2012, it is an expansive space driven by core values of unity in diversity and coexistence. Raising over tags, their vision is to create a collaborative culture that focuses on free and fair human expression. Harmless Hugs is driven by both online as well as ground-based initiatives for the feminist groups and LGBTQA communities and allies.

Harmless hugs is organizing a special screening of arguably one of India’s best Queer web series Still about Section 377 directed by Amit Khanna. The main cast includes Ankit Bhatia, Amit Khanna, Gulshan Nain, Gunjan Malhotra, Gaurav Mishra, Mustafa Sheikh and Yash Yogi.

The web series is the sequel to All About Section 377 which won many accolades at national and international level and was even featured in Firstpost.

Still about section 377 is about love and how it can never be wrong. It explores the story of a lover who can go to any lengths to get his love back and in the process makes you fall in love with his character.Click To Tweet Still about Section 377 series was also screened in Mumbai earlier this year in association with Gay Bombay.

The screening will be organized by Harmless Hugs at India HIV / AIDS Alliance 6 Zamrudpur Community Centre, Kailash Colony, 110048 New Delhi  12 noon onwards. and they also have some surprises waiting for you at the venue.

If you still aren’t excited check this trailer and you will know why we think you should be there.

Do share your thoughts on your experience at the event in the comment section below. Hope to see you there.


What a Pride Night | 30th June |

What a Pride Night | 30th June |

In the spirit of World Pride Month dedicated to events that promote Queer & LGBT issues on an international level through parades, festivals and other cultural activities, What A Comic Show, GK -2 with support from GigSync and Performers’ Consortium, presents an inclusive event featuring queer-identifying performance artists.

What A Pride Night reflects the undying spirit of humankind to be their true selves and celebrate their identities with pride.

What a pride night posterCome shake what ya momma gave ya at a night full of surprises with on-the-house-shots for some of you at this special show featuring Divya Dureja (emcee, rap & a surprise), Randy Scarhol (drag queen) & Lush Lata aka Nandini Bansal (DJ).

Venue- What a comic Show GK2,M1, first floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash -2
New Delhi 110048
Date-Saturday 30th June
Time- 9PM to 11:30

Note from the organizers

We believe in putting inclusivity and diversity front and center in the ethos of our working environments and want everyone to feel welcome – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transwomen, Transmen, Intersex, Thirunangai, Kothi, Hijra, Kinnar, Aravani, Gender Queer, Crossdressers, Drag Kings and Queens, Non-binary, Agender, Asexual, Butch, Femme and other alternative sexual and gender identities.

We actively oppose any form of discrimination, e.g. sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

With this World Pride Month solidarity event – What A Pride Night!, we also stand in solidarity with other movements that are at risk of discrimination and oppression, and that act in the same spirit of attaining equality. This event is open to each and everyone that share the above-mentioned values.

Tell us how was ur experience in the comments section below. Have Fun!


‘The Transition’ a narrative of Odisha’s transgender community to be screened in Delhi

‘The Transition’ a narrative of Odisha’s transgender community to be screened in Delhi

“Oh! Take a gander at the Hijra!! Aae… you anomaly of nature.” Hundreds of dirty looks and thousand of abuses were hurled at them for centuries. In any case, they survived only for something, i.e ‘respect. ‘After battling for equality, the transgender group was recognized by the Supreme Court as ‘third gender’in 2014.

India’s Hijra community has been a part of the society ever since civilization existed. Their mention can be found in ancient literature such as Mahabharata, Kamasutra. It is said that they were given supreme roles and were the highest authorities in a king’s court.

Things changed after the Britishers vanquished India in the mid-nineteenth century. Colonization brought Section 377 that criminalized their existence. They were outcasted from the mainstream society.  With no means of employment, begging and sex work were the only options to survive. As years passed by, the society continued to look at them as a freak of nature.

In the wake of battling since ages for one ‘desirable life,’ the NALSA judgment brought a historic change. The judgment confirmed that the fundamental rights granted under the Constitution of India will be equally applicable to transgender individuals, and gave them the privilege to self-distinguishing proof of their sex as male, female or third-sex.

Short movies and documentaries have constantly assumed an essential part of the support and bringing change. One such is ‘The Transition’. Directed by Anwesha Brahma, the narrative exhibits lives of the Hijra community of the eastern state of Odisha. It sets up the opposite side of the lives of the transgender where they lead an existence with indistinguishable expectations and desires from some other person. Here is the trailer.

Anwesha’s group has made a stride ahead in helping the transgender group to gain visibility and change the outlook of the Indian society. Eminent personalities like Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and Mira Parida will be a part of the programme, going ahead.Here are the details

Venue- Sathya Sai International Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Date- Monday 26th March 2018

Time- 7 PM

Do let us know your experience in the comment section below