Queer-e-Mehfil | Miss Woomaniya |

Queer-e-Mehfil | Miss Woomaniya |

Miss Woomaniya is the first online open platform on social media in India for LGBTQ community for sharing their stories and views to the world.“MISS WOOMANIYA”,LGBTQ Baatchit Series for LGBTQIA family to share their views in form of stories, serious issues and inspirational speeches on social media platform, and help other community people to understand more about our LGBTQIA community, their struggles, happiness which we usually get to deal with lifestyle everything related to the community.

Miss Woomaniya is organising an amazing event called ” Queer-e-Mehfil” – newest bohemian initiative by their team and will have a gargantuan of events like Queer Poetry, Dance, Drag Performance , Tattoo Art, Queer Discussion,Queer Art Exhibition Queer Shaam with Qwaliyan, Queer Singing, Movie Screening, Food Stalls and many more solely based on the agenda of betterment of community.

So hear are the details

Venue- India HIV / AIDS Alliance, Zamrudpur Community Centre, 6, Kailash Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Date- Sunday 28th Jan 2018

Time- 11 AM to 8 PM

Entry- Free and open to the community and allies.

Hope to see you there . Your feedback is appreciated , you can write to us in the comment section.

Parents & Relatives of Queer Persons Meet | DU Queer Collective

Parents & Relatives of Queer Persons Meet | DU Queer Collective

Delhi University Queer Collective (DUQC) is organizing the Third Edition of our Parents and Relatives of Queer Persons Meet.

Through a combination of expert counseling, free and open dialogue and a question and answer session, we hope to create a positive environment wherein sexuality and the relationship between queer individuals and their family members can be affirmatively discussed. The session will be facilitated by wellness counselor and psychologist from Mumbai, Deepak Kashyap.

We encourage LGBTQ individuals to join them with their parent(s)/sibling(s) /relatives(s) as the purpose of the meeting is to ensure that support structures for parents and family of queer persons exist.

Deepak has conducted several parents meet in Mumbai with GayBombay and is their counseling expert, has counseled a number of parents of queer individuals and is actively involved with Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). He provides counseling and life-skills training services to corporations, corporate universities and colleges across India. He also writes widely on related topics for national newspapers and magazines, dealing with issues of mental health, sexuality, relationships and emotional disturbances.

Here are the details –

Venue –  Max Mueller Bhawan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi.

Date – Saturday,13th of January, 2018

Time – 5 pm onwards

Entry- Free and open to the queer community their parent’s friends and allies. RSVP mandatory

Request you to RSVP here with your name and phone number at the earliest. Please do mention if you are bringing someone along a parent or sibilant, or coming by yourself.Entry strictly through RSVP.

NOTE: This is a closed community event so photography or video recording while during the session won’t be allowed. The event is not open to the media. Media persons who identify as community members and wish to attend the event are requested to respect these guidelines.

About DU Queer Collective 

Du Queer Collective is a joint body of students and teachers of Delhi University who believe in queer rights and freedom. It was formed post the Supreme Court judgment on Section 377 which criminalizes all forms of non-procreative sexual activity between consenting adults. They voice concern and outrage against this archaic law that denies non-normative sexual and gendered subjects, including lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders, their fundamental rights and makes them vulnerable to oppression, humiliation and self-loathing. We must condemn this judgment vociferously and speak out against it in our homes, our workplaces, on social media and in the public domain at large. At the same time, we must remember that our fight is not only for the dignity of the sexual minorities but for each one of us committed to the idea of living in a just, pluralistic and inclusive society. Our struggle must resonate and build solidarities with the larger struggles of people oppressed along the lines of caste, class, ethnicity, gender, and religion.

Let’s Talk About it – A mental health workshop by Deepak Kashyap | Harmless Hugs

Let’s Talk About it – A mental health workshop by Deepak Kashyap | Harmless Hugs

We all at some point in our lives have come across friends from the community suffering from anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric ailments. The sad truth about India is we think only severe cases of mental illnesses need professional help/counseling and at times we actually ignore the situation till it worsens. Its a proven that LGBT people are prone to mental illness. Thankfully people/ groups have started acknowledging the fact and started working towards it.

Harmless hugs – a New Delhi based queer support group not only supports the mental health awareness cause but has already started taking initiatives. Their first queer event of the year 2018 will be “Let’s Talk About It” a workshop with Deepak Kashyap

A session on “Depression, Anxiety and Know How to deal with Loneliness” by renowned psychologist and life skills trainer Deepak Kashyap. Come, ask your queries, gather information, and know more about the topics. Here are the details –

Venue – India HIV / AIDS Alliance, 6 Community Centre, Zamrudpur, Kailash Colony Extension, New Delhi 110048

Date – Sunday 14th January 2018

Time – 3 PM to 7 PM

Entry – Free and open to queer community and allies

About Deepak Kashyap –

Deepak Kashyap is a wellness counselor and life skills trainer with a freelance practice in person and online. He holds a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol, UK. He has been formally trained in advanced programs in REBT and CBT from the Albert Ellis Institute in New York and attended the MBCT summer school program at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre at the University of Oxford, England.

He has conducted workshops in Dubai, the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Canada on various emotional wellbeing projects. He is a published columnist in national newspapers and magazines and writes about issues related to sex, mental health, relationships, and emotional disturbances. He has appeared on various national and international news channels, talk shows, and debates, radio and newspapers, discussing emotional health and sexuality issues.

He has been an integral part of Gay Bombay – an informal, evolving, and safe socio-cultural space for gay men in Mumbai for a few years now and has held a number of workshops on Queer Mental Health issues and relationships.

Queer Conversations | Delhi QueerFest 2017 | LGBT Events India

Queer Conversations | Delhi QueerFest 2017 | LGBT Events India

Delhi QueerFest is a queer arts festival held in Delhi in the Fall-Winter. It brings together conversations, performances, visual arts, and publics to hold queer culture as a significant site for politics. We believe queer to be identity, form, narrative, verb, counter-norms, relations, and oppositional practices that challenge dominant ways of seeing, reading, and being in the world that are exclusionary and enforced. QueerFest is in its third year as a community funded festival in the city. We look forward to your participation in shaping worlds in the present and struggles for the future.

Delhi Queerfest 2107

तापमान गिर चुका है और धुंध उड़ चुकी है! इन सर्दियों में दिल्ली क्वियरफैस्ट आप सब के सामने फिर से हाज़िर है। हम ला रहे है क्वियर चर्चा और कविता से भरा हुआ एक दिन! क्वियर संस्कृति और राजनीती का एक रोचक पहलू।

हम मानते हैं  कि क्वियर वो सब कुछ है जो दुनिया की हर रूढ़िवादी सोच को चुनौती देता है। दिल्ली क्वियरफैस्ट का यह तीसरा साल है और अब तक हम आप सभी के सहयोग और दान-राशि से ही चल रहे हैं। फिर से आएं और हमसे जुड़ें।


Art by Prateeq

So here are the details of the event

Venue – The Goethe-Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan, No.3, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Date – December 2nd 2017

Time – 11 AM to 10 PM

Hope to see you there…

Have you ever heard of Asexual Speed Dating ? India is set to witness one !

Have you ever heard of Asexual Speed Dating ? India is set to witness one !

Are you (or anyone you know) looking for a non-sexual or non-romantic or platonic relationship with a member of the opposite gender, for any reason? Most of us would have attended events like the speed dating or dating brunches where you get to meet a lot of people and you can decide if he/she can be a prospect for dating /getting into a relationship with. Something similar is being planned for the very first time by Indian Aces in Delhi. They are coming with India’s first ever Asexual Speed Dating event. 

You may be asexual/ graysexual, or someone seeking a non-sexual relationship for other reasons, a gay man seeking a lesbian woman for MOC (Marriage Of Convenience), someone not ready for a sexual relationship at this point, someone who doesn’t understand romance or something entirely different.

Indian Aces presents  India’s VERY FIRST match-making/speed-dating event for non-sexual relationships!

Whether you’re looking for a short/long term relationship, monogamous marriage or an open relationship, with or without any expectations of romance and/or different degrees of physical intimacy, you will find this an apt and THE ONLY event to meet suitable partners in an otherwise hyper-sexual world.

This being the first such event, is limited to people seeking partners of the opposite gender (men seeking women and women seeking men). We will be selecting up to 10 members from each side. All the parties will be introduced to each of the participants from the opposite party. Each participant will be able to mark their interest in the opposite person privately. Indian Aces will then share the interest from whoever marked them and participants can then decide if they wish to share their details with them or not.Please note that only the information you choose to have shared will be shared at all steps. The control will always lie with you.

Indian Aces DOES NOT promise a match, at all. Its an attempt to provide such a platform for the very first time in India, and possibly world (?) They want you to have a choice in how you lead your personal relationships and be able to find a partner of your liking in a world where all relationships are unfortunately expected to be sexual or romantic by default.

Event details: 

Venue: A safe public space in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi
Date: 26 November 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 12.00 – 3.00 pm
Expected contribution: Rs 750/-includes snacks and beverage, which can be made during or after registration.For registrations fill the form here.
Total no. of slots: 10 women + 10 men

About Indian Aces

Indian Aces is a self/non-funded award-winning collective of asexual folk from or in India. Indian acesStarted in 2014 and relaunched in early 2016, the community has grown by leaps and bounds.  It serves as an online community platform, generating awareness and receiving new members into their secret group on Facebook. Members also participate and represent in various LGBTQIA+ events and platforms that have so far been devoid of representation from the asexual community in India. We organize meetups for community members all over the country and have been able to do a few internationally too. We conduct independent research on the subject, and conduct workshops for professionals and allies and aces to understand Sexuality and Asexuality.

About the founder/speaker: 

Dr. Pragati Singh is a medical doctor by qualification and has worked extensively in the public health fields of maternal, child and reproductive health.In her personal time, she founded Indian Aces in 2014 and has been working pro-bono for the asexual community in India since.She recently presented her research paper on Asexuality at the World Association of Sexual Health in Prague where her study was selected for the poster as well as oral presentation and published in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine by Elsevier.She has won an award for ‘digital creativity’ for her work on the subject of sexuality and asexuality from Women’s Web, and a prize for her poetry performance on Asexuality from Population First, UNFPA and ColorsTV.

She is an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association. She now takes workshops on the subject of Sexuality and Asexuality.

For more details on the event, you can visit the event page here 

Website: www.IndianAces.info

Facebook: www.fb.com/IndianAces

Twitter: www.twitter.com/@IndianAces_

Mail: IndianAcesFTW@gmail.com

Phone: +91-7042355185


Delhi International Queer Theatre & Film Festival 2017 by Harmless Hugs and Impulse New Delhi

Delhi International Queer Theatre & Film Festival 2017 by Harmless Hugs and Impulse New Delhi

People who have been reading this space since long would know that we continuously strive to bring to you the best of the events happening in your city. The main objective behind running the initiative is to keep you updated of what’s happening in your city in the LGBTQIA++ community. I am here to inform you about one such event happening in December in Dilwalon ki Delhi.

Delhi is all set to witness, for the third year in a row Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF 2017) organized in collaboration with Harmless Hugs and Impulse New Delhi by AIDS Healthcare Foundation along with Canada High Commission as its Associate Supporter followed by Asmita Theatre Group as its Cultural Partner, Ketto as its Exclusive Fundraising Partner, Adhikaar Trust as its Outreach Partner, Doggy Style, DU Beat, Miss Woomaniya, LGBT Events India and ED Times as its Social Media Partners.


Harmless Hugs LogoDelhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF) is a brave initiative by Harmless Hugs – one amongst the biggest youth oriented LGBTQ support group in India. The Film Festival is intended to connect with larger Diaspora of Indian LGBTQ struggle for equal human rights, and to reach out to masses via the omnipotence of Media and Cinema. They also have a strong line-up of stirring theatre performances and more.

In a short span of time DIQTFF has garnered excellent response not only from the LGBTQIA++ community but also from allies who support the cause. The event every year gets huge number of people in attendance. Not only does it feature amazing plays/ movies for people to keep seeing and come back every year but also the fact that it does it only to spread awareness for the cause without charging a dime to the audience is commendable.

Movie screenings and plays are well complimented by a round of panel discussions and debates, including some of the biggest names from the Indian LGBTQ Movement. Discussions around tumultuous territories of politics, gender disparity, coming out and involvement of families and more will also be a part of this two-day event.

Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival 2017 logoThis project aims to re-ignite the LGBTQ movement for equal human rights. Along with reclaiming rights for equality and freedom of expression ,it  intends to put the word out that LGBTQ Lives Matter!

Besides, the scope of the project gains further significance as harmless hugs is planning a number of inclusive and outreach activities. They will also display the long-standing camaraderie with allies, and also touch on important chapters like coming out, emotional well-being, and most importantly, sensitizing and reaching out to the families and other untouched (perhaps homophobic) strata of the society. So without much ado here are the details

Venue- Shah Auditorium, 110054 New Delhi

Date- 9th -10th Dec

Time – Full Day event

Entry- Free for all LGBTQIA++ audience and allies.

We would request all our readers to consider helping Harmless Hugs for their initiative . They have already reached 80% of their crowdfunding target through Ketto. Please click on the link to donate for the cause . For any further queries you can reach out to them here.

Important links 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/1976837965909625/

Twitter :https://twitter.com/harmlesshugs/

Linkedin: https://in.linkedin.com/in/harmless-hugs- 898180118


Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/harmlesshugs/

Thunderclap :https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/64454-diqtff- 2017