‘The Transition’ a narrative of Odisha’s transgender community to be screened in Delhi

‘The Transition’ a narrative of Odisha’s transgender community to be screened in Delhi

“Oh! Take a gander at the Hijra!! Aae… you anomaly of nature.” Hundreds of dirty looks and thousand of abuses were hurled at them for centuries. In any case, they survived only for something, i.e ‘respect. ‘After battling for equality, the transgender group was recognized by the Supreme Court as ‘third gender’in 2014.

India’s Hijra community has been a part of the society ever since civilization existed. Their mention can be found in ancient literature such as Mahabharata, Kamasutra. It is said that they were given supreme roles and were the highest authorities in a king’s court.

Things changed after the Britishers vanquished India in the mid-nineteenth century. Colonization brought Section 377 that criminalized their existence. They were outcasted from the mainstream society.  With no means of employment, begging and sex work were the only options to survive. As years passed by, the society continued to look at them as a freak of nature.

In the wake of battling since ages for one ‘desirable life,’ the NALSA judgment brought a historic change. The judgment confirmed that the fundamental rights granted under the Constitution of India will be equally applicable to transgender individuals, and gave them the privilege to self-distinguishing proof of their sex as male, female or third-sex.

Short movies and documentaries have constantly assumed an essential part of the support and bringing change. One such is ‘The Transition’. Directed by Anwesha Brahma, the narrative exhibits lives of the Hijra community of the eastern state of Odisha. It sets up the opposite side of the lives of the transgender where they lead an existence with indistinguishable expectations and desires from some other person. Here is the trailer.

Anwesha’s group has made a stride ahead in helping the transgender group to gain visibility and change the outlook of the Indian society. Eminent personalities like Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and Mira Parida will be a part of the programme, going ahead.Here are the details

Venue- Sathya Sai International Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Date- Monday 26th March 2018

Time- 7 PM

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Karaoke Business Networking Sundowner 2.0 | 6 Degrees |

Karaoke Business Networking Sundowner 2.0 | 6 Degrees |

The seventh edition of Monthly Sundowner LGBTQ++ business networking meetings by 6 Degrees is scheduled this Sunday. And this time you don’t just talk shop; you sing in style as well. Yes; you heard it right – it is Karaoke Sunday sundowner at an amazing new venue.

6 degrees is a growth network for Indian queer people & their allies to achieve personal, professional and community goals (equality, entertainment and excellence). 6 Degrees Monthly Business Networking Sundowners welcomes ALL including LGBTQ++ folks and allies who want to grow personally and professionally to contribute to the community.

Do carry Business and/or ID Cards RSVP to  9870213831

Six Degrees LogoVenue – The Hood, Opposite Goregaon Sports Club, New Malad Link Road, Next to Swagat Park, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

Date- Sunday 25th March 2018

Time – 7:30 PM to 2 AM

Fees- Rs 300 inclusive of rounds of shots

6 Degrees is bringing sexy back into business so don’t miss the chance and be there!

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The Humsafar Trust Utsav 2018 | 24th March |

The Humsafar Trust Utsav 2018 | 24th March |

The Humsafar Trust is proud to announce its annual show The Humsafar Trust Utsav 2018 which is scheduled for Saturday 24th March 2018.The Humsafar Trust continues to serve the LGBTQH communities across India.

This year marks their 24th-year since the time it started its operations in India. The annual show is a celebration of various people who work behind the scenes and comprise of over 200 staff members as well as many friends, allies, and supporters.

You all are invited to their 24th Annual celebration here are the details –

Humsafar trust LogoVenue- Santacruz Railway Hall, Sen Nagar, Prabhat Colony Rd, Santacruz (East), Mumbai

Date- Saturday 24th March 2018

Time – 5 PM to 10 PM

Entry – Free and open to the LGBTQ+ community and allies

About Humsafar Trust

The Humsafar Trust is the oldest LGBTQ organization in India. It was founded by Ashok Row Kavi, a reputed journalist and activist at a time when there was no talk and no national level movement for LGBTQ human rights. It is one of the leading organizations covering the spectrum of sexual minorities in India.

HST is convener member of Integrated Network for Sexual Minorities (INFOSEM) the national level network of sexual minorities in India since 2003.HST has nurtured a youth LGBT group Yaariyan (Friendships) and Umang (Joy) for LBT persons, Kinnar Asmita that represent TG and Hijra community and Sanjeevani for MSM and TG living with HIV. HST has set up CONNECT, A National Online Resource Center that will connect LGBTQ communities worldwide.

Hope to see you there

Kaama Lounge presents Gay Bombay’s Saturday Night Party | 24th March |

Kaama Lounge presents Gay Bombay’s Saturday Night Party | 24th March |

Gay Bombay is an informal group working towards various initiatives for gay men in Mumbai. We are happy to announce that it’s their 20th anniversary this year. We shall keep you updated on the same. Meanwhile, they are back with yet another fantastic gay party in Mumbai, 24th March, Saturday night at Kaama lounge lower parel. We were fortunate to attend their previous party at Kaama and it was indeed amazing.

GB parties this weekend at a brand-new bar lounge Kaama that’s going to elevate your weekend to the fullest. Super Classy, Super Large and Super Safe, as Safety is always a priority at all GB Parties so come party and Rock the Nite Krazzy with GB.

Kaama Lounge Lower ParelVenue- Kaama Lounge, Oasis Complex, 2nd Floor, Kamla Mills Compound, Gate No-4, Pandurang Budhakar Marg, Lower Parel.

Date- Saturday, 24th March 18

Time- 9 PM to 1 AM

Entry- Rs 700 before 10 pm and Rs 1000 after 10 pm (along with Drink Coupons worth Rs 500 with every entry) (to defray the charges of the party). Entries accepted in cash only.

Some rules

  • Strictly club wear – no slippers, sandals, shorts, sleeveless etc.
  • Please note that you must be above the age of 20 to attend GB parties.
  • Please carry proof of age with you, such as driving license, college identity card.

Some Dont’s

  • No dark rooms and no sex and absolutely no drugs on the premises; if found indulging in any “hanky panky” you shall be asked to leave the party.
  • Pls, respect the safe space which is being provided.
  • Once entered you cannot leave the premises as crowding on the footpath outside creates issues with the local authorities.

Rights of admission reserved www.gaybombay.org

For any queries regarding GB Events or Parties please message them on GB Mobile number – +91 9870504010. Hope to see you there.