The Color Positive Show – 18th Feb 2018 |

The Color Positive Show – 18th Feb 2018 |

Color positive is a theatrical production house started by Savio Mascarenhas  based out of Mumbai that deals with the taboo around LGBTQIA community in India and worldwide. They are a motley bunch of independent professionals from different streams who share this belief and are dedicated to keeping narrating more stories and conversations around it.

Their first play “Color Positive” was screened as a part of Queer azaadi Mumbai pride month last year in January. The play color positive was about Fear, Love and Acceptance by breaking all stereotypes . It highlighted the struggles around homosexual relationships and the stigma around HIV positive individuals .

Ganga after being crowned Ms. Humsafar 2017 , beautifully captured by Qgraphy

The play was appreciated by many , particularly their character Ganga who almost steered the direction of the play . Their second play “Jeena -To live ” is a funny take on marriages especially when you realize there is something unique about the couples . What’s unique only you will have to find out. Jeena received standing ovations and appreciations by the its viewers stating that Color Positive has raised the bench mark of plays in the LGBT community.

But Color Positive doesn’t seem to stop only at this . They have two more plays lined up for you and an LGBT India Model Hunt 2018 that appreciates and awards all the three genders. Mr. Gay, Ms. Lesbian and Mx. Transgender Model 2018.

Venue –  Sophia Bhabha Auditorium, Sophia College Ln, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026

Date- Sunday 18th February 2018

Time- 5 PM to 10 PM

Entry – To all the readers ,you get to book tickets at discounted price here .Tickets were out days ago and have been filling fast, but while all this happens, you dearest followers of our page get to make the most of it. We have managed to get discounted coupons just for you….

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A little birdie told us that there are talks of adding another category as well. Besides that, they have a Dance competition called “Shall We Dance 2018” So if you want to show off some moves, Color Positive is giving you the stage at the Amazing Sophia Bhabha Auditorium.

If you are interested in auditioning for the model hunt , 4th Feb, 2018 is the date that can change your life. Visit their page here to know more.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara – Let Our Voices Unite | Rainbow Voices Mumbai

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara – Let Our Voices Unite | Rainbow Voices Mumbai

Rainbow Voices Mumbai (India’s first LGBT choir) performed with London’s Pink Singers (Europe’s longest running LGBT choir) at the NCPA and their subsequent trip to sing with them at the London Pride, this year, Rainbow voices mumbai  has invited individual members from LGBT choirs across the world to join them in for their 2018 concert at the Mumbai Pride – ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara – Let Our Voices Unite’.

Rainbow Voices Mumbai– India’s first LGBT choir, sing songs of freedom, hope and struggle. The choir has members from North to the south, and east to west of India and have represented India at London Pride 2017 performing along with the Europe’s longest running LGBT choir- Pink Singers. The believe as faith can move mountains, music can move hearts..becoming the voice of oppressed and sexual minorities in India they represent the true spirit of Diversity and inclusivity with love and acceptance.

Rainbow Voices Mumbai Founded by Vinodh Philip and Sibi Mathen in the summer of 2014, this choir aims at singing with harmonized voices, anthems, and songs that range from the classical to the modern. All LGBT events, charity concerts, and festivals gets this choir busy with practices.The group brings extremely talented singers to the forefront and gives them a platform to shine.

Rainbow Voices Mumbai made headlines all over the world when they joined the Pink singers an LGBT Choir based out of London to perform at the Pride In London. Ashish Pandya, one of the key members of the choir reflected upon the work of the choir in his words

Venue- G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture ,G5A Laxmi Mills Compound, Shakti Mills Lane, Off Dr. E Moses Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

Date- 27th Jan 2018

Time – 7 PM to 10 PM .

Entry – Oops , we guess its sold out completely !!! You can still try writing them here.

75 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi initiated the Quit India Movement to end British rule in this country. In the same spirit, theme for the concert this year is #377QuitIndia  Come support them! #RVMPrideConcert2018

Gulabi Mela 2018 | Yaariyan | Queer Azaadi Mumbai |

Gulabi Mela 2018 | Yaariyan | Queer Azaadi Mumbai |

Yaariyan is all set for its biggest signature event “Gulabi Mela 2018 ” . Gulabi Mela is one of the most exciting event of Mumbai pride month and is eagerly awaited by the LGBTQ youth and this year will see the sixth instalment of Gulabi Mela.

As the name suggests Gulabi Mela is a huge fair with various activities happening and this year its even bigger as its almost a full day event .

pankh 2018The event starts with amazing movie screening organised by Umang LBT group . Some of the movies which will be screened include Flashback, Who can speak of men ,Thats my boy , Red wali Dress , Chudala, Devi and Naked Wheels.

The screening will start at 11 AM and will go on till 3 PM at G A KulkarniHall, 17th Road, Khar West.

Gulabi Mela Schedule

The movie screening will be followed by the actual fair with amazing stalls and activities such as – Clay modelling workshop ,Dream catcher making workshop ,Zumba workshop ,Same sex salsa workshop ,Paper bag making workshop,Pride flag workshop,Poster making ,Sanjeevani street play ,Game of Thrones Quiz ,Harry Potter Quiz, Flashmob ! Yeah this time for everyone at the event ! ,QGraphy Photo Games ,Sing-along, Open Mic ,Meet and greet with Mr. Gay World India ,Pride Flag performance ,Performances- Dances, Skits ,Disco Evening

What’s even more exciting is that the master of ceremony will be none other than , arguably  India’s first  sexiest ever drag queen . Yes you guessed it right Rani-ko-he-noor.



Where is all this happening ?

Venue: G. A. Kulkarni Banquets, 17th Road, Khar West, Mumbai

Date: 28th January 2018

Time: 11.00 AM -10.00 PM

Landmark: Near Starbucks, Khar West

Suggested Donation: Rs. 200 before 4 pm and Rs. 300 after 4 pm.

So come and get all you friends for a day out . Hope to see you there .

Kashish Chalchitra Utsav – Mumbai Pride Month Event

Kashish Chalchitra Utsav – Mumbai Pride Month Event

KASHSH Chalchitra Utsav is a day-long regional Language Indian LGBTQ Films screening , award winning and popular Indian films from KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival . As a part of the Mumbai Pride month events this will be a day long event featuring various films.

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival is the first and only LGBTQ film festival in India to be held in a mainstream theater and the first queer festival in India to receive clearance from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. KASHISH was voted as one of the top 5 coolest LGBT film festivals in the world by a worldwide poll conducted by MovieMaker Magazine in 2013.

Over the previous 8 editions, from 2010 to 2016, the festival has grown from strength to strength, attracting close to 9000 footfalls over the 4 1/2 days of the festival at two venues. The festival has screened every year 110 to 180 films from 28 – 44 countries. These films include shorts, documentaries, features – all centered around LGBTQ themes. The festival attracts close to 30% non LGBT audience, film & media celebrities and intentional guests.

Here are the details of the event –

Venue- P.L. Deshpande Maharashtra Kala Academy ,Ravindra Natya Mandir, Sayani Road, Prabhadevi, Near Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025

Date-  Saturday 27th Jan 2018

Time-  10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Entry- Free and open to community and allies

You will be seeing some fantastic movies at the event , here is the full list .

Kashish Chalchitra utsav 2018 Image‘कशिश चलचित्र उत्सव कार्यक्रम’ (KASHISH Chalchitra Utsav Program)
सर्व चित्रपट मध्ये इंग्रजी सबटायटल आहेत
All films are subtitled in English

सकाळ १०.३० | कार्यक्रम १: पहचान
10.30 AM Program- I: Searching For Identity

डॅट’स माइ बॉय
दिग्दर्शक: अखिल सत्यन / २५ मि., मल्याळम, लघु डॉक्युमेंटरी
That’s My Boy
Dir: Akhil Satyan, 25 min, Malayalam, Documentary Short

वॉकिंग द वॉक
दिग्दर्शक: मोसेस तुलसी / ३३ मि., तेलुगू, लघु डॉक्युमेंटरी
Walking The Walk
Dir: Moses Tulasi / 33 min, Telugu, Documentary Short

दिग्दर्शक: मीरा दरजी / ३० मि., गुजराती, लघु डॉक्युमेंटरी
Dir: Meera Darji / 30 min, Gujarati, Documentary Short

दिग्दर्शक: रोहन कानवडे / २७ मि., मराठी, लघु फिल्म
Dir: Rohan Kanawade / 27 min, Marathi, Narrative Short

दुपार १२.४५ | कार्यक्रम २: विविध प्रेम
12.45 PM | Program- II: Diverse Love

दिग्दर्शक: शुमोना बॅनर्जी / १० मि., बंगाली, लघु फिल्म
Dir: Shumona Banerjee/ 10 min, Bengali, Narrative Short

मुडिवई तेडुम मुट्रीपल्ळी…
दिग्दर्शक: विवेक विश्वनाथन / १० मि., तामिळ, लघु फिल्म
A Full Stop That Searches For Its End…
Dir: Vivek Vishwanathan / 10 min, Tamil, Narrative Short

दिग्दर्शक: गणेश मतकरी / ८ मि., मराठी, लघु फिल्म
Dir: Ganesh Matkari / 8 min, Marathi, Narrative Short

दिग्दर्शक: विशाल श्रीवास्तव /१३ मि., हिंदी, लघु फिल्म
Dir: Vishal Srivastava / 13 min, Hindi, Narrative Short

दुपार २.३० | कार्यक्रम ३: परिवार और हम
2.30 PM | Program- III: Families and Us

दिग्दर्शक: मनोज थोरात / १५ मि., मराठी, लघु फिल्म
Dir: Manoj Thorat / 15 min, Marathi, Narrative Short

एक माया अशी ही
दिग्दर्शक: वैभव हटकर / २७ मि., मराठी, लघु फिल्म
A Love Such As This
Dir: Vaibhav Hatkar / 27 min, Marathi, Narrative Short

एनी अदर डे
दिग्दर्शक: विक्रांत धोते और श्रीकांत अ. / १२ मि., मराठी, हिंदी, लघु फिल्म
Any Other Day
Dirs: Vikrant Dhote and Srikant A./ 12 min, Marathi, Hindi, Narrative Short

संध्या. ४.०० | कार्यक्रम ४: संवाद
4.00 PM | Program- IV: Dialogues

प्रख्यात व्यक्तिमत्व, कार्यकर्ते आणि चित्रपट दिग्दर्शकांसोबत संवाद
Interaction with eminent personalities, activists and filmmakers

कार्यक्रम ५: राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार प्राप्त लघुपट (संध्या. ५.४५ ते रात्री ८.००)
Program- V: National Award Winning Short Films (5.45 PM to 8.00 PM)

दिग्दर्शक: रवी जाधव / ३५ मि., मराठी, लघु फिल्म
Dir: Ravi Jadhav / 35 min, Marathi, Narrative Short

दिग्दर्शक: निशांत रॉय बोंबार्डे / ३० मि., मराठी, हिंदी, लघु फिल्म
The Threshold
Dir: Nishant Roy Bombarde / 30 min, Marathi, Hindi, Narrative Short

रात्री ८.०० | कार्यक्रम ६: समाज के साथ
8.00 PM | Program- VI: Integration into Mainstream

दिग्दर्शक: शंतनू रोडे / १२४ मि., मराठी, फीचर फिल्म
Dir: Shantanu Rode / 124 min, Marathi, Narrative Feature

(या वेळापत्रक मध्ये कोणतीही पूर्वसूचना न देता बदल होऊ शकतो)
(Schedule subject to change, without prior notice, at the discretion of the festival)

You can also look at their event page here .

Vortex Bandra presents GB’s Saturday Night Party | 27th Jan 2018 |

Vortex Bandra presents GB’s Saturday Night Party | 27th Jan 2018 |

Gay Bombay is an informal, ever-evolving, and safe socio-cultural space for gay men in Mumbai. Founded in September 1998 they have organised 1000+ events ranging from art meets, to workshops, to parents meet so on and so forth. They are known to organising gay parties in Mumbai.

Gay Bombay ,GB

One of the primary objectives of  Gay Bombay is to provide safe spaces to the LGBT community where they can be themselves. That is the reason gay parties in Mumbai  are happening and are fine-tuned to the likings of Mumbaikars. 

VORTEX – Fusion Lounge, Bandra.Designed with a unique concept, Vortex The Fusion Bar, the diner cum lounge bar revolves around contrast and symmetry and is the introduction of the first-ever projection mapping in India at the Lounge space when it converts into a club.

The never seen before projection mapping is played on a motorised roll down blinds which will be synchronised on a 1000 sq. ft. glass frontage at the Vortex The Fusion Bar.Here are the details

Venue- Vortex Lounge Crystal Shoppers Paradise, 5th Floor, Linking Road, Bandra West, Opp KFC.

Date  Saturday, 27th Jan 2018

Time – 9.00pm to 1.25pm.

Entry Charges – Rs 1000 (along with Drink Coupons worth Rs 500) (to defray the charges of the party) .Cash only and PLEASE do get change.

Some rules –

Strictly Club Wear – no slippers, sandals, shorts, drag, sleeveless etc.

Please note that you have to be above the age of 21 to attend GB par-ties.

Please carry proof of age with you, such as driving license, college identity card.

Credit Cards accepted at the Bar Counter for extra drinks.

No dark rooms and no sex and absolutely no drugs on the premises; if found indulging in any “hanky panky” you shall be asked to leave the party.

Pls respect the safe space which is being provided.

Once entered you cannot leave the premises as crowding on the footpath outside creates issues with the local authorities.

During and after the party please DO NOT gather outside the venue. The management has requested us to ensure that, in the middle of the night, the peace of the neighbourhood is not disturbed.Carry your Alcoholic Drinks Permit.

Rights of admission reserved www.gaybombay.org

For any Queries regarding GB Events or Parties please message on GB Mobile number – +91 9870504010

Hope you have an awesome time at the party. In case of any feedback drop a line in the comments section below.