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LGBT Events India intends to provide a platform where various individuals from the community can come together to celebrate diversity.


Our Vision

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual community. A large number of people today travel across the country to attend LGBT events. Many from small towns regularly attend events being organized in nearby cities.

Then there those who plan work trips or vacations to coincide with LGBT events in the cities they are going to. All these people would find it very useful to have a single website giving information on LGBT events being organised across the country.

LGBT Events India intend to provide a platform where various individuals from the community can come together to celebrate this diversity. We started this website with a mission to bring all the wonderful events happening for LGBT community in India under one roof so that it serves as a planner for the people who wish to attend. Our vision is to get to all the parts of India and cover all the LGBT community events happening even in the smallest of cities.




Upcoming Events

CLUB NEOS presents GB Late Nite Saturday Party

Gay Bombay as we all know is one of the oldest informal groups in Mumbai and they have been around for two decades organizing fantastic events. They have been organizing regular meetups, meets, parties etc. Gay Bombay is organizing a fantastic party this weekend and...

Friends of Linger – New Delhi

Friends of Linger is a mixed genre, 'many faces' band that is at times referred to as a band with a purpose. The band is credited with the first ever English dedication to the LGBTQ community back in 2013 which now has a fresh video. Earlier this year, its new song,...

Thirai: Screening “Happy Birthday, Marsha!” – Chennai

There are many stories that have never been written and the history and legacy of subaltern communities and the marginalized communities are usually oppressed and erased. To add to that, we also belong to a culture that heavily depended on oral history. Today we have...

Salvation Star Turns 11

Salvation star started its journey since 2007 and has been organizing fabulous parties across premium and plush venues in Mumbai exclusively for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Not from the LGBT community? Not to worry, it's an equally...

Nasty Boys Bollywood Night at Aawara Hoon

Nasty Boys!!! Does that sound interesting? Well, they are getting ready for their first ever LGBT event in Mumbai. Nasty Boys presents Bollywood Nite at Aawara Hoon this Saturday - 18th August They will be hosting awesome events going forward. Nasty Rocking LGBTQI...
Cast and crew of Still about section 377

Still About Sec 377 – Screening by Harmless Hugs – New Delhi

Harmless Hugs is a Delhi based support group which started as an initiative to support and empower feminist groups and members of the LGBTQA community. They are organizing a special screening of Still About Sec 377 this Saturday 11th Aug in Delhi. Harmless Hugs is a...